Born in Seattle, and raised in Southern California, Glen Granholm began writing nonsense at an early age, editing an elementary school paper, a self-published comic book "Stockerman" during high school, and some fairly awful articles and editorials as a skateboard-riding reporter for the Daily Nexus at UC Santa Barbara.  

During a long career in the grocery business, Glen ran an annual trivia contest in Oregon.  The Great Roseburg Trivia Challenge was held for twenty consecutive years, and not only raised thousands of dollars for Easter Seals, but yielded a pair of trivia/comedy books.  

"You Gotta Be Kidding-The Ultimate Trivia Quizbook" and its sequel, "You REALLY Gotta Be Kidding-More of the Ultimate Trivia Quizbook" are being retooled and combined into a single, double-sided volume that will be available in 2018.

The 2006 Book, "Experience, Strength & Hope-A Love Story" was Glen's first foray into serious literature.  A touching and powerful autobiographical book, the work cover's Glen's journey through addiction, cancer, music, love and faith.  

"Cowphoon" marks Glen's return to the ridiculous.  A second book, featuring alien cow-creatures, and a third tome, focusing on hopping mutants, are on the horizon.

Glen currently lives in earthquake country in California and works in the preparedness industry.